7 useful things to sew for dogs

Atualizado: Mai 12

Hi, dog owner!

Today I am going to inspire you to sew for your fourlegged best friend! And we don´t want more random stuff taking up your home, right? So junk stays out!

As you know, there are tons of ideas around the internet, but I listed only the 7 MOST USEFUL SEWING PROJECTS which final product will make your dog parent life easier, just what you need!

If you also want activities ideas for you and your dog, get your Best Dog Mom Challenge for free and spend a great time.

1. Adjustable Collar

2. Pet Leash

3. Anxiety Vest

4. Harness

5. Dog poo bag holder

6. Bed

7. Stimulant Bone Toy

If you are a sewing beginner I advise you to start for the stimulant bone toy project. It is the easiest project and suitable for you to practice the straight lines and curves!

Now you can start sewing for your buddy!

Find more sewing patterns here.

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