Christmas dog bandana DIY using transfer paper

Atualizado: Mai 12

We know this Christmas would be a little bit different... So, let keeping safe, accept there are things that we can´t control and focus on what we can make to have a warmer Holiday time!

Thinking about the Christmas gifts, Christmas decor and making some crafts of them are excellent ways to spend your time while you are home and get into the Christmas spirit!

I am going to share with you how I personalized a usual cotton Pet Bandana and convert it into a Holiday Pet Bandana with Christmas sayings:

Do you want to reproduce it?

Get the full tutorial with the bandana patterns and the Christmas sayings images to print, here!

Dog and cat lovers there are no more excuses to don´t have a suitable Holiday outfit for your buddies!

Hurry up! Christmas is coming!

Find more sewing patterns here.

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