How can I earn money sewing?

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Do you love sewing?

Do you spend most of your free time crafting?

And let me guess - your head always is in your next project?

It´s time to make money!

Enhance your skills and get an extra income doing what you love!

We have great business ideas for you!

1.Online Do It Yourself Videos

If you are an effective communicator, like to show up online and have intermediate internet skills, online DIY videos are the right shot.

This activity usually requires some time to get paid, despite when you are getting the money you are making it passively, which is a huge advantage.

2.Teach Particular Sewing Lessons

Do you enjoy the face to face relationship and teaching is your thing? You could teach people to sew from their home or from yours, no expenses for you. As time passes, more people will get interested. The number of students will raise and your pocket will become heavier. At that time, you should consider giving workshops.

3.Give Sewing Workshops

This is the most profitable considering the income per hour. It is highly recommended that your workshops happen periodically (for instance on the first and third Saturday of each month). That way, you and your students always know the dates and organize your month considering it. The workshop could take place in your office or you could rent a space for a few hours. You can also get a space solution partner with sewing supplies shops, sewing schools, art promoting institutions or similars.

4.Sell Sewing Tutorials and Patterns

Do you love to develop new projects?

Step-by-step Tutorials with patterns are a great way to build a passive income. Furthermore, you could sell them and your physical items at the same time.

5.Make Clothing repairs and alterations

All the time someone you know has an unsewn jacket, a damaged zipper or, maybe a skirt that needs a hem?

Why do not you offer your seamstress services and get an extra income?

6.Become a dressmaker

If you have good sewing skills and a lot of determination and creativity, you will be succeeded, as a dressmaker! Find a target you identify yourself with: eco-friendly and recycled clothing, wedding dresses, or, who knows, women's plus size clothing.

7.Creative sewing

Develop your brand and sell your own physical items! Don´t forget to add value to please your loved customers.

Are you searching for a target?

The Pet Industry is increasing. Here there are fast and easy ideas to execute especially for this target.

See the APPA data here.

Regardless of the area you are going to choose, focus on identifying a business, part-time, paid, or not paid hobby, that fulfilled you. That will be the most rewarding return!

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